Water policies and management of water resources are important issues in the sustainable development of many areas in the Mediterranean, with particular regard to policy and management of agricultural water.

The project intends to stimulate communication and dialogue on the problem of policy evaluation in the Mediterranean agricultural water sector and the need of developing a regional and generalised frame of variables and indicators for participatory policy evaluation.
Having national or regional policies aligned towards sustainability is worth to enhance sustainable development of the water sector in the entire region. In order to ensure sustainable development of water sector, evaluation of policy implementation must take into account the main international principles, the real societal needs accounting goals and indicators of sustainability raised in a participatory process.

The main objective of the project is than to contribute to the strengthening of knowledge and assessment capability in water policy making and implementation in a Mediterranean context. This main objective will contribute to improving Euro-Mediterranean policy alignment towards sustainability, supporting the more general European strategy of sustainable development.
Another important contribution will be given to the further alignment of future cooperative research projects towards sustainable development and to water management in its whole.
The project is centred on the following main activities:

  • conveying stakeholders and citizens in a multi-stakeholder Forum in three selected case studies,
  • the activation and stimulation of the local public discourse on policy evaluation within the multi-stakeholder Fora of the selected case-studies,
  • the elaboration of a frame of variables and indicators, as a base for a common methodology for policy analysis, agreed within the multi stakeholder Fora,
  • guide the Fora in policy evaluation,
  • disseminate results at high policy level,
  • convey the Fora and results achieved in a final international conference on water policy evaluation.