2007.12.20 |
SPAIN: The Duero River Basin



2,2 million people; Over 550,000 ha irrigated

Trends in water use: Increase irrigation area since 1990, non sustainable


Pressures on water resources

          Agriculture: irrigation maintains rural income

          Tourism: Rural, increasing importance

          Industry: Hydroelectric

          Environment: increasing demand of water

Common elements of policy

          Policies (past and current) affecting irrigators: CAP (cross-compliance and environmental regulations), Hydrological Law (National), Basin Plan, International agreements (Albufeira), EUWFD

          Common elements of these policies: Continuous evolution of water and agricultural policies towards an intensification of ecosystem services and environmental standards

          These environmental targets have had a negative effect in the perception of the future of irrigation

Specific policy measures:

          Limitations on the volume of irrigation water (increase in the volume of water for ecosystem services)

          Quality of water (limitation in the nitrogen content)

Effect of the measures on social targets

          Evaluate the impact of environmental protection policy targets on social issues:

          The perception of irrigation

          The definition of the production targets of the irrigators

          The irrigation practices of the irrigators

          The age of the irrigators population since onset of policies

          The income of the irrigators since onset of policies

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