2007.12.20 |
LEBANON:Qasmieh Ras –el-Ain Project

Qasmieh Ras el Ain is a coastal area scheme in the South Lebanon region, where Sour (Tyr) is the major city. The total irrigated area is about 4000 ha. The scheme covers 23 villages and the city of Sour. The number of subscribers in 2006 is 1493 farmers. The main crops are citrus, banana and vegetables; some greenhouses are cultivated with Banana, vegetables or flowers.

Two sources are supplying the project with irrigation water: Litani River and the three Salamon Basins (Vasques de Salamon).

Constructed from 1942 to 1948, the scheme has 4 mains canals. The network is an open channel system. A part of the irrigated region is higher than the level of canals; it is provided by pumped water from the canals. Litani River Authority proposes a reduced tariff for farmers who pump water from canals or river bed.

The scheme was rehabilitated in 1998.  Three years ago (2003) the LRA applied a new fees policy to encourage the pressurized irrigation system use at farm level, by offerings  a special fee reduction for farmers who shift from tradition to modern irrigation systems (drip and sprinkler).


Lately it has been observed an increase of residential area in the scheme region at the cost of agriculture area; this could be the result of decrease in income of traditional farming system.


According to the mentioned above, the case study can attempt the following:

-         Water services pricing and tariffs restructuring.

-         The cost of modernization at farm level comparing to tariff reduction.

-         Water saving at farm and scheme level and the possibility to reuse saved water for project enlargement.

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